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From Jan 19 pre boxing 🥊 

The no contact thing. Waking up alone and going to sleep that way daily starting to wear. I need to reup my efforts. I need to get out there and run. I’m not depressed but I can feel the waves of doubt and fear….

Isn’t It Cruel?

The following was written thru dictation into my phone and quickly edited before hitting the stage tonight in Chicago. I like to write these things quick and post them that way. Forgive the repetition and typos. Namaste.  I’m not doing this to be cruel….

Still Not A Friend Will Be Calling 

When people are out of control inside they try to control more. CAculated confusion Trust your confusion Your heart knows they’re using Your mind they’re abusing Your will been diluting  Trust your despair Your anger won’t care They say it’s not there but it’s there. …

The Escape Goat 

The Escape Goat  I used to be a scapegoat But escaped before I ran I fell into my eyes Back into dreams and hope again If you escaped from shattered rage If you’ve come thru on your own If you can pinpoint who you…

You Can’t Blame The Betrayed 

You can’t blame the betrayed.  My favorite line on the new Sleaford Mods record. English Tapas. Song is B. H. S.  In that one line. An anthem In that one line.  A revolution.  In that one line. A way to wreck evil Can’t you…


Lighten up Just having a little fun spooking the bullies  😛🤡😛🤡

The Truth Is 

The truth isYou did kill the guy you were trying to murder The truth is He is dead and gone The truth is You won.  The truth is I’m not him The truth is  I was sent by him The truth is You’ll spend…