Joe Smoke is a boxer and an artist/writer recovering from NPD abuse. He plans on fighting for other survivors of this disease.

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  1. bonsoir…trés bon article concernant les pervers narcissiques destructeurs…I’m a survivor …


  2. Your site is not my friend. I’ve tried to respond to you a couple of times now. So much I have to say in rebuttal to your posts throughout your site, it would take days. Lives we have lived, that we have grown through, are similar. Ages we are, similar(I think you’re literally a year and a day younger than me). Similar Midwest towns, maybe it was the despair and growing desperation to be different that our parents felt that they decided to go different ways and experiment. The abuse. It’s still pertinent. I had three siblings. I dealt with my own mortality at a very young age and again since my 20’s through now my 40’s.

    We’ve met before. Many moons ago, here in Chicago(there’s picturesque proof-you were not thrilled, you were busy). As a fan I try to keep my distance. Though your music has at times saved me in times of need. I write, however I find myself caught in the past of what my parents put me through. What my siblings did as well. And the destruction my small town had caused my self-esteem. I’m still working through it to this day. I stay far away from the town and keep my distance from my family as much as possible. I’ve hurt myself in the process.

    I’m here. As a friend. I understand in ways that few words, few paragraphs can express. You’ve made me want to write again. And deal with my own hesitations and anger due to my past. I dont’ want to go into my own details and traumas here but wish some day, we can perhaps talk…


  3. Hi. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time and I just wanted to encourage you by saying your words are being read, and your journey is so valuable. I knew I liked you for a reason.


  4. Hey.. I dont really know what to say here. Ive actually been contemplating this text for over an hour. I dont even know why. I feel like I know you because Ive been following you for several years. First on twitter then FB , now insta. Ive told you this story before, but its worth telling again. I first discovered your music one day out of the blue. literally, out of the blue. I was sitting in my parked car outside of a shop feeling rather shitty. I was broke, having a nicotine fit and needed something ,but wasn’t sure what that was.. As I was,sitting there I noticed some police officers in my rear view searching around the area. A min later I heard something fall on the hood of my car and on the ground next to my car. I got out to investigate and it was a half pack of smokes with some cash stuffed inside and on the ground was a CD. I looked up and in the tree above was a dude lpoking like a scared cat. Most likely he was what the cops were looking for.
    The CD was Redemptions Son.
    Many times Ive listened. Many times it has gotten me through.

    Fast forward to now.
    Ive just spent the last 4 hours reading this blog.
    It shook me to the core. It made me think and re think. Man, Not only have I realised that Ive been living with Narcs my whole life, but I myself have displayed these behaviours at times unknowingly. I just thought my shit was normal because thats how my dad acted , or how my brothers acted. My behaviours were that of random outburst or passive agressiveness. Ive worked on removing these behaviours from myself, but never ever thought that others behaviours towards me effected me much until I read this blog. I just forgave and let it go and moved on . So I thought.
    I have an anxiety disorder. Somatic Symptom Disorder Ive had since I was 12. Me thinks I need to start pulling some roots up In order to start healing.
    Thank you for sharing your stories. You are helping people in ways you may never know. Just know that you matter. This matters.
    * Looking forward to the show Tuesday in L.A.


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