True Forgiveness Rendezvous 

It’s all impersonal now. That was the gift of Footloose beach. It got it all out of me. I had to feel it all the way the down to the bottom of it. I hadn’t intended on taking you all on that ride. I was tired blogging. Maybe not always the best idea. Didn’t mean to scare you. But I was scared too. Very much so. But I got thru it. And it’s not the kind of thing you have to keep on going thru. It’s a kind of one and done affair. (That being said healing is obviously a life long process across many stations and times )
True forgiveness rendezvous. 
There’s a darkness reaching there and turning every screw. Til head pops off and bleeds across

 a bewildered avenue. Mine was made of sand and Kenny logins was my angel. Hellishly he sang his plans 

About a foot without an angle.

 Taunting as my freedom danced and dared down into a pain 

cut loose ! 

emotions bled and then once open opened wide 

the disco beat bounced on my head as I poured out the inside. 

And after all the storms. Kansas came to me. Another angel anthem trying to cheer along with me. Carry on my wayward son. And the part about the peace. I can testify to that. When the old things get released. But then where to now to go. With these brand new gooey wings. Let’s fly around and see. What this new freedom brings. 

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