Spooky Action At A Distance 

I’m fine. The tour exhausted me. That’s what touring does. 

It’s exhausting. I could write a book in how and why. But even without drugs/drink and sex. (Which I had none of this time yay!) 

It’s exhausting. 
I do appreciate the concern and I’m not gonna pretend that’s entirely unwarranted. But today I woke up in my own bed and opened (randomly in the middle) the living Tao and it was the page on Sincerity. 

It said “sincerity refers to a true, devoted attitude, to doing your best in the position and roles given to you.” That’s what this blog is about. Me doing my best in the position I found myself in. Or the one that was given to me. 

Was it right to be this transparent?

I don’t know. It’s bizarre as fuck to me too. This whole thing has been. It’s something that inspite of how I was raised, I never saw coming. I do know I’m not alone. There is many others who going thru the exact same thing. And many more all the time. 

I wish I could write about how pretty flowers are, or give you some fun (if slightly twisted rollicking account of life on the road, about a wild and free rambunctious but spiritual rocker, in which my struggles are of the simple variety, nothing too taxing on the reader. Nothing that the reader would have to engage in too personally, and where at the end, I defeat my simple problem and rise to good humor and success. But this problem I’m facing. It’s not simple. Not even close. It’s complicated and it’s messy. 

But I didn’t choose it. It chose me. 

Life will come at us and all of us with big crushing problems. It’s relatable to someone finding out they have a serious illness. And in this life when people do come down with something serious, it’s not long before it becomes public usually. Because people can’t fight big things like this on their own. 

My big thing isn’t a disease of the body. It’s a disease of the spirit. And it’s rooted in the spirits of the ones who are closest too me. I’ve gone in detail as to why and how so I’m not gonna repeat that. 

I’m not asking you to believe me or not. I’m not asking really for anything. I’m simply attempting to be sincere or doing my best in the position and role given to me. Was this the best way to go about this? I’ve got no idea. I hope so. It remains to be seen. 

I read on

 “Sincerity requires concentration that isn’t scattered by any distractions, a consistent mind focused on one thing. It requires diligence in the face of challenges. People who have it demonstrate wholehearted commitment to their beliefs” 

I read on

The next page was on

Responsibility it said this 

“You cannot realize your purpose in life , no matter how hard you try, without taking on a role and bearing responsibility for it. Responsibilities provide a platform for your purpose and an outlet to which you can commit your energy. ”

This blog is that outlet and my responsibility to the situation I find myself in . At least at this stage of my recovery from this. 

It goes on. “It is natural that huge responsibility comes with mental pressure and stress. (I can attest to this in full) 

Successful people have to make critical decisions, and they have to work very hard to successfully implement them. They create environments to put themselves under greater stress, and they focus on achieving their goals. They gladly (not always so glad about it I must admit) endure stress because they have goals they want to achieve (healing myself and my family and helping others in this) 

And they end up utilizing stress as power for success.”
Since I opened it to the number 2 and 3 character traits essential for the growth of the soul. I flipped it back to see what was number 1 
It was


It said 

” honesty is synonymous with truthfulness, integrity and frankness. It represents freedom from deceit or fraud. Honesty means that what you hold true on the inside is reflected in what you express on the outside. ”

That too is what this blog is. 

Then it goes on

“Honesty is usually associated with the expression transparency or openness. It’s like a transparent lake that has no impurities covering its surface, the water is so clear we can see all the way to the bottom. ” 

This blog is like a lake you can see all the way to the bottom of. 
I don’t believe things are random. 

As I work thru this struggle moments of synchronicity are coming so fast and furious as to strike me at first as simply spooky and now just seem normal. I think the universe is communicating to all of us all the time. But it takes great faith and courage to see that. It’s spooky actually. 

Einstein’s final assessment of life was this. He called it 

‘ spooky action at a distance”

I love that quote. I want to use it as an album title someday. 

I love that he used the word spooky. But for him I’m sure that word was a failure. Because spooky simply means something mysterious you can’t understand. (I’m paraphrasing) 

His aim was to understand. 

As is mine. 

Maybe I’ll be able to figure out what he couldn’t. Maybe I’ll be able to define just what spooky means. For now don’t be concerned. I’m ok. I slept so hard and woke up much better than when I went down. I’ve written now for about an hour. Then I’m gonna get in an epson salt bath. Meditate in the water. Drink a protein shake and BOX 🥊my ass off. Thank you for your help and your concern. I’m a warrior. I’m not going down without a fight. Namaste. 

11 Comments on “Spooky Action At A Distance 

  1. Yes…thanks for “checking in….” There are so many people who are wishing you healing and recovery. Those invisible wounds and scars take the longest time to heal. Yesterday, I heard a short 55 second clip of George Harrison talking about why he withheld a song in contribution from John Lennon for the Wonderwall project. It’s a great song…”Mother.” Intense. Around the time or at the very time JL was engaging in primal scream therapy. It shows in the music. But it is still hauntingly beautiful, even tender, at times…behind those notes. That undefinable search for Home.

    But George felt the song didn’t fit the direction of the project and stated not so much that there was a rift between them, but that they were sorting through their response to spiritual callings in different ways, different directions.

    Now imagine that same struggle happening inside one soul at the same time.

    Praying for you, man.


  2. Just wanted to add my thanks here as well.

    As a quick point of reference, we met at Jammin’ Java, where you were disarmingly charming both on stage and later as we talked about the sicko narc game and our experiences with the evils of gaslighting (still agree that should be renamed).

    The slow crawl back out of the dark is lousy. And it’s exhausting. And it’s all-consuming. And yet, like you say the only way to really get out is to go all the way in; without being reduced by the process, but by surpassing it.

    That you continue to find ways to emerge out of the cycle of sadness and rage with renewed belief in your own being and your place in the universe is by no means an easy feat. That you’re doing it while maintaining clarity, awareness, humor, and with an open line to all things spiritual is even greater.

    We only spoke for a few minutes after your show, but before I left you gave me the tightest embrace – physically, very strong; emotionally and spiritually as well. Something reassuring and solid. Something only someone with a deep sensitivity to other souls, and the exquisite ability to connect to them can give.

    Maybe you remember that. Maybe you don’t. Either way, the point is that those are rare qualities, and the kindness you showed me made me feel like a great weight had been lifted from my heart.

    You are in my prayers.
    Know that, Joseph Arthur.
    And know that you are loved.

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    • Thank you! And yes I remember. I remember every supportive person where I am now. I shall never forget who supports me here now. And who does not. Namaste.


      • Thanks for your reply! Hope the good connections overtake the not-so-good ones. Be well, warrior friend.


  3. I think Einstein was fine with the word spooky. I had a poster of him on my wall as a teen that followed me to college. It said, “I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are details.”

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  4. 🎶”Love is kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you. SPOO-KAY!”🎶


  5. You are a warrior Jo. And I believe, a peaceful warrior . Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Keep balancing all the hard stuff with something good. Just like yer gonna do today. Enjoy getting back to boxing.


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