Our World Is Yours Now 

To my room

I defeated this room

I lived thru this room

As the jackhammers saw the blade at noon outside 

As the summertime brooklyn doom rides and rides. 

I sit in my room 

writing. Thinking about how I defeated it. Back june. 

The many nights alone in here. Crawling across addictions sphere. Daring death with taunting cheer. And never going anywhere. 

I defeated this room tho

Cause it went for my throat

It hid my money in cracks 

And turned me into its goat

Put some blood on my head 

In the desert I woke 

Having been endlessly bled

I was thin as a ghost. 

But a light still shine within and for it I reached tho I was lost. The idiots speak 

in my head as it rots. 

My teeth all bent sideways 

And blood on my lip

I reached for an angel 

Who I touched at the tip

A finger of light on my third eye to shine

For a vision so bright. To shine as brightly as mine. Think of me like a kite and sunshine

With smiles so bright. They shine as brightly as mine. We are those children. We are innocent now. Find please your freedom. Find all of it now. This world it needs you. To be more than you are. Our world our creation. Our world is yours now. 

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