One Agreement 

The four agreements 
Really it’s one agreement that punches different than the other three. 

And I bet you know which one I’m gonna say before I even say it. I know which one my eyes would laser in on if somebody hit me with that opening. I know which one I’d feel in my gut straight away and have to heave a sigh , as I tried to remember what the other three even are. Do your best. Um what. That’s not even enough to make me react a lick. Do my best. Yeah duh. 

No. You know which one I mean. 

I’m not saying the other three aren’t very important indeed. I’m just saying they are on a whole other level. Never assume anything is good. And I certainly need to contemplate that one much more deeply than I do. I see its wide reaching importance across this great divide. So hats off to that one too. 

The one at number two in terms of how they hit me. Is the Be impeccable with your word. My aim is always to be that way. My life depends on that now. 

But the one which gut punches me when people bring up the four agreements. Is don’t take things personally. 

That’s a tall order in this world. Particularly as these predators zero in on the most personal. That’s where the mechanics of their manipulations operate. It’s how they over throw and then control your operating system. 
“Any chance you can tone this down. You’re starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist. I mean I see what your saying but dial it down”
Don’t take things personal. 

It’s the key to the prize. The prize is your true freedom. That’s what makes it so hard to own. Don’t take things personally. But it was your mother. Your friend. Your father. Your love. Your brother Your sister. Your colleagues. Your boss. 
Don’t take things personal. Tho that’s what they are when they tinkering away in your mind. But what you must finally understand that the reason they are there is deeply impersonal. They mean no harm by it. They are simply hungry things being fed. 

It’s as raw and impersonal as that. 

Waking up to that is a raw mother fucking experience. I can’t imagine it gets any more raw. Can’t really imagine. But it’s common and impersonal. It just is. That’s the key to set you free. To set them free. To forgive them and move on. Let the hungry things go. Let them feed elsewhere where it will get harder for them to feed all the time. Until they too must face themselves and change or perish as is their will and their choice.  

2 Comments on “One Agreement 

  1. It’s impossible…
    Tell an empath not to feel.
    It’s just impossible.

    “Easier said than done” has NEVER been more applicable as a term.

    Yet easily the most rewarding of the agreements even if just trying it on for size..

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  2. It is difficult, especially if it’s family, so I can’t imagine just how difficult it is for you. But the truth is, all the shit they do and say to you is about them, it’s about all their issues Not yours. They’re just taking it out on you. Making it your problem, transferring it to you. and maybe if they destroy you they destroy their faults and wrongdoings instead of actually working on them. Maybe because you are so talented and have an interesting life and are a genuinely decent human being they just want to bring you to their level. I don’t know. I do know that once it clicks about not taking things personally, it’s pretty liberating and empowering.
    I’m still catching up on the June posts but I just want to say, you are amazing and I am proud of you and you should be so so so so proud of yourself. I am so lucky and grateful to have come from a stable background, and reading all you have done for yourself is making me feel like a lazy ass for not taking care of my trivial shit. But then again, you’re the rock star, not me. 🙂 Namaste gold, ponyboy.


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