Hardy Har Har Har 

None of this I’m making up. 
This is exactly what happened. Not gonna lean it one way or the other. Just try to dictate facts as they occurred. Of course that being said no experience can be objective. We in fact don’t know the nature of reality at all. Einstein got no further than to call it spooky action at a distance. 

I think we can take it further down the field now. After all we have home court advantage as we are firmly rooted in the here and now. Einstein. The savant that he was. Is relegated to that field down the road called the past. 
Our consciousness will explode 

As we grasp

For the elegant road

To come together and clasp

We both smoked the toad 

Together and laughed 

As minds then explode

Cosmonaut telegraph 
“Nicely done poet. I must say. You know I’m a sucker for that Bowie shit. Cosmonaut telegraph should be the name of your next magnum opus. ”
“Well thank you kind sir. 

Carry on 

Sorry for the interruption ”
“No please sir

An interruption like that is most welcome. Nicely done. ”
“Looks like the therapy has been working. You two are getting along much better now. Learning to work together now I see. ”
“Any way as I was saying. ”
None of this is made up. Just the facts 
I was having well

A rough day doesn’t quite do it justice. 

I had put myself. In the vortex of a pain so hard that had I known that’s what I was doing. I would have agreed with what every naysayer has ever has said about me. I must be completely out of my mind. 
But that’s where you must go over and over again on the road to your healing. The actual emotional punch of it. For months I really only had to deal with the psychic torment of it. And that was plenty. Let me assure you. I was wanting for nothing in the pain department. Most pain I’d been in in a rather painful life. But I hadn’t got to the real nitty and gritty of it. Not really. That’s the stuff that’s in the body. The wells of deep emotion which are only accessed by sobs or even a guttural kind of crying. Far from being the stuff of pussies. Nothing could be more opposite or misunderstood. If you are in that space. You have my upmost respect as true warrior. You are in the fight of your life. But it’s for your life you are fighting. So fight on my brother. And my fight on my sister. Let’s fight! We must. Let’s enjoy. We must do that too. Because a good fighter is a relaxed one. One that takes his time. One that understands that to really fight at the upper levels of fighting. At those genius levels so few. So very few so very very very few ever approach. That there be like one every other century or so. Ok maybe a few more than that. But what these very rare ones know that you have to enjoy the show. 

Elevation. Understanding and growth. It’s not fucking easy. But what part of this has ever been anything resembling easy? Never that I have seen. People are either working very hard to elevate and rise. Or they are living off the sweat of their brothers. And this has got to change. And it’s got to change now. 
Humanity can’t house it anymore. Think of me as a news reporter from the future. You’d be wise to think of me like that. 

I’m telling you from my personal experience how this thing is gonna crack wide open right about now. My now is slightly in the future to your now but let me put it to you bluntly. 

“The glorified gym teacher rages on ”

“Hey what the fuck!”

“I was kidding. You were making a good point. Sorry I know the therapist told me I couldn’t make those kinda cheap shots. I’m sorry. But that whole thing about you seeing in the future is a bit much don’t you think??I mean who the fuck do you think you are Nostradamus or some shit?? Don’t forget I’m in your head too and I can’t see any future world. I just see right now but Please forgive me. Carry on”
“Ok Mr poet. What I mean is that maybe I’m just getting real with a situation that seems all personal but really is a reflection of the universal as we can easily see because of throngs of people on YouTube. Which is also rapidly expanding at a rate of speed ever increasing and increasing faster still as the universe is expanding and expanding faster still. ”
“Oh I see. 🤽🏻‍♂️nice use of the word throngs big guy. Good pull. ”
“Thanks. So yeah 

I’m not saying I have future goggles per say. It’s more like I’m just adding one plus one to make two. 

I’m adding in all that I have vision stuff just to give me a spooky edge in the self help book department. ”
“Fair enough that’s a competitor market these days. I could try to whip us up a poem about you being a future seer. 

I could call it. The visionary. Or something remarkable like that. 

He sees into the future. 

He sees further than the rest

You’d be wise to listen to him

Here is where you should invest

He’s figured out a way

To come into his own

He had to battle tho and pray

Many nights he was alone

But he chose to choose his heart

Tho still cold and partly stone

He believed into a future

And there he saw it overblown. 

“Wow. That’s really good man. Pretty heavy. Really resonates. Not sure about the last line tho. Overblown? Really?

You’re just gonna hand over that silver bullet to the haters?
I can hear em now. ” well he said it. Overblown. Hardy hardy har har har ”
” yeah yer right I’m gonna change that but you get the idea. 

Something like that for the back cover. 

Poet Laureate self help guru novelist playwrite musician. Future seer visionary. 
Has a ring to it. No?”
Anyway hardy har har har 
Nothing but the facts from here. 

I was having a rough day…

One Comment on “Hardy Har Har Har 

  1. Sorry to spam your blog but I have lots to say. Discernment is a legit spiritual gift and is my greatest blessing and defense and weapon. You’ve got it, too. And the more you listen to it and the more you pray, the stronger it gets. And nothing can take away this gift. No person, no event, no tragedy. It’s like a bullshit detector × 1,000,000.


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