Everybody Cut Loose! 

A letter to the rage. 

You can see that being a writer and going about outlining a personal account such as I have done. A story that unfolds one way or another. Be it YouTube video series. A book where the names are vaguely changed and there’s an apology on the cover. I tried that already. It’s a great album called The Family actually. Listen to it again. 

But anyway. You can see the complex nature of the thing. And if I’m honest I haven’t known what I’m doing at any particular point. I could only relate it to being pressurized and squeezed and then this is how I react. After all it’s in each of us to determine how we react. We all find ourselves under these type of pressures. And we subjugate ourselves or transcend these boundaries and borders we face or not. And it’s also in each of us to decide how far we will let others go to subjugate us to their will. 

Particularly if you don’t know these are the dynamics and the tactics of the game that a huge portion of you are playing. 

And the rest of us who weren’t playing that game are getting wise to it. And far from us being the little ass bitches you had assumed. We are in fact very far from that indeed. And with awareness and support and huge amounts of self work which we are embarking on and evolving and gaining tranction in all the time. You must see that your tactics are doomed. This very blog is evidence of that. This is a new time. An ever expanding new world. Don’t make me fall into future seer mode here. I’m trying to keep the gym teacher at bay but he wants to hit that caps button. 


Damn he got away with it. 

You can see trying to write an account of extreme abuse would get ugly. And how rage would need to be a part of that account. And how as a writer you would have to be willing to expose some of your personal rage. 

And let’s not pretend either that I was in total control the whole time. 

When you write an account such as mine. 

The witness comes to you still blind 

The needle plucked from your arm vine 

The mission hard as yet define

How you go about this grind 

Without losing your whole mind

Tho the target is thoughts you find

Hard to say what’s yours is mine 
It’s easy to see how rage bleeds in. And rage is a feeling. It comes again. I’ve shown rage here to deserving parties. Nothing has been unfair but I don’t wish to go in that manner anymore. Let it be in the past. Let it sit there as it is an accurate reflection of my current situation. But let it sit there and let me now move beyond that. As I will and as I must. 

Because what I did on Footloose beach was forgive everyone who crossed me. 

That’s what I did as I cried and sobbed my guts out as Kenny Logins Sang “everybody Footloose!” 

God has a sense of humor. Let that be known. Let that be profoundly known. 
“Everybody cut loose! “

3 Comments on “Everybody Cut Loose! 

  1. Keep going Joe. This is really good stuff; most importantly for you but for the reader as well. ⭐️⭐️💛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I feel like I kinda have no choice at this point. But of course I do. And I choose to fight on. For those just waking up.


  2. Giving yourself permission to forgive and move to the next phase- absolutely. You’ve got this- no doubt. One foot in front of the other has always been my motto, especially during the worst of times.
    The quicker you can put down and walk away from everyone else’s baggage the quicker you heal and become the you of your own creation.
    cheers to this post and the ideas inside it.

    Liked by 1 person

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