It took Kenny logins to break me. 

The tooth and the cradle to take me

The womb and the fable to wake me

But it took Kenny logins to break me. 
Don’t get twisted tho you may want proof 

I’ve got nothing against Kenny and that’s the truth. 

I think he’s probably a stand up guy

He’s probably got some good friends 

And that thing in his eye. 

I like his voice and some of his tunes. 

It’s just we met in July when it should have been june 

The month of my sister. The other scapegoat. Dressed up all golden but empty to float. It’s all an appearance 

It’s all to protect 

The abuse of the other 

And the other neglect 

I really forgive you. I’ve let you all go. It was the hardest thing ever. And ever to know. That unless I moved on I’d be riddled and toast as the evidence shows on the instagram host. My transformation has come cause I rose. To a vision of freedom. The one that I chose. And freedom expanding as the universe shows. The crowd still demanding a fight that is close. But I’m done with that. I cut you loose. Just like Kenny told me. Now I’m dancing. Footloose! 

4 Comments on “Epilogue 

  1. Forgiveness sets you FREE!!

    I remember some great genius once said “just remember to be FREE!!”

    Jesus loves you more than you will ever know…


  2. Fascinating evolution through the course of yesterday’s comments. As I read one by one it was the epilogue that truly told the story; a recap of the process you’re going through; your profoundly intelligent self-awareness and stinging humor in light of; and ultimately a feeling of resolution, if not today then someday in the near future.
    I mean that not in the “oh I worked that out it’s all behind me”, but in the words themselves belying a steady progress (again enveloped in witty reference and self-deprecation) that left this reader, at least, with reason for personal thoughtfulness, but, more importantly in this context, feeling your internal enlightenment truly beginning to flourish.
    I’ve never seen a living artist so ready to throw themselves on the pyre of judgement, potential dismissal, ridicule, and heckling as courageously as you do Joe. It’s a revelation, always; for me personally, a stimulant to venture reassessment of ones own fear or disclosure and straight up nakedness.

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    • I think I’m brave in a way other artists aren’t specifically and backwards logically by the brutalities with which I was raised. I’m willing to mix it up. Cause I dared God to kill me when I was in first grade. I kinda dare him to kill me all the time. I suppose he’ll listen one of these days. And on that day I’ll goto the other side easy know I gave them hell. Thank you again. I resist making this joke. “Relax everyone , this is just how we say hello and how ya doing in my family” 😜


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