They All Have An Out 

They all have an out. Buried in each other. And would you believe that not only will I point it out. I’m such a fucking pussy. I want them to take it. I want mercy for them. For all of them. That’s my true nature. My true nature is love and forgiveness. That’s what I love. I love those things. And that’s why I’ve been attacked. By them. And by attacking back I’ve played into their hand by becoming like them. By caving into revenge. 

But this isn’t just revenge. I’m trying to be of service. I’m trying to overcome the soft parts of my nature to do the hard things. Perhaps we are each other’s teachers. I know we are. You teach me how to be cruel. And I will teach you how not to be. 

One Comment on “They All Have An Out 

  1. Revenge can become an addiction too though. And it leaves you where you are. Follow the light Jo. Listen to your inner peaceful warrior. Plus they would just love for us to respond with revenge. Think about it. Follow the light Jo. 🙏🏻


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