I Didn’t Know You Were Lost 

I’m digging deep now to forgive. For all the burden we may live

For all the death we have to face

Don’t want my name 

Left on this place. 
And what’s my name 

A collection of what? 

Letters and words 

In a bent paper cup

What’s to defend ?

What’s to destroy?

In the end what’s your agenda 

Or need for a ploy?
There’s only space and time and infinite black 

Why step on your brother

Why destroy and attack?
I don’t get your damage

I guess I have what you lack

But my stomach is empty 

Along with my pack
So what are you after? 

It’s just me and the void. The enemy soldiers 

Have all been destroyed. 

Now what your facing

Is you and beyond 

This beautiful world

Where none of us longed

For what truly mattered. Or mattered the most. 

I couldn’t find you

I didn’t know you were lost. 

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