How To Destroy An Artist 

How to destroy an artist. 
Label him crazy. 
I had a whole concept for a book pop into my head. 
The book would be called
‘How To Destroy An Artist’
People worship artists

And love to kill them too. 
I understand 

I really do. 
But still it’s unfair 

Un fair and untrue
The way you do

The unkind things. (That you do)
How to destroy an artist

Envy will help. 
Try to implant self doubt

Try to ignore his yelp. 
Listen to nothing

And then nothing he says
Will ever then blossom

Past the doors of The Fez
Tell him to change 

Something he said

Tell him again

Until you are fed

Tell him a third time

He’s not fully bled

Out of his own mind

The fourth time

He’s dead. 
How to destroy an artist? 

We’re sensitive you know. 

It’s easy to con us 

With love’s old shadow

It’s easy to dupe us 

Cause we want to believe 

That people can love

More than they need. 
Give him no mercy

Or freedom to speak

And laugh at his pain

As you gleefully geek him
Tell all the others 

He took his own life

Say ” you know how they are, 

Mired in strife. 

You know of the drugs

And scandalous sex

You know of the poems

Where he eluded 

he’s hexed !” 
A shut open case

A blizkrieg bop sprawl

A picture of him

On the funeral wall. 
And then you can cry

And attention will rain

All over the void

Where there should be your pain
How to destroy an artist

It’s easy I guess

Aren’t they annoying

The way they complain and confess? 
We’d be better without them

But then how would we eat

Let’s keep stabbing his back

As we bow to his feet
I love his confusion

I love his small pain

I love when he’s angry

Or half way insane. 
He doesn’t know it’s a joke

It’s so fun this whole game

The way prod him and poke

And then transfer our shame. 
How to destroy an artist? 

Where did he come from

He’s not at all like us

He looks kind of dumb
Let’s fondle his needs

But don’t let him come

Let’s murder his hope

And tell him he’s scum. 
Man he won’t die

He’s just staying alive 

I never thought he would make it 

Much less survive 
Backwards I know

Broken and shamed

Did we not send him out

Impossibly maimed??
How did this happen? 

Our stories been told

I guess we fucked up

I guess we were cold. 
I guess I never thought 

Get past all that shit

To see what was happening 

Or how bad he’d been hit. 
How to destroy an artist
Call him crazy and drunk

Says he’s on drugs

And fucking a skunk

Let’s make up stories

And show off his rage

As the rumors will spread

Like the burning of sage 
And let’s isolate him

And disappear without care

If he notices void

Let’s just say he’s unfair. 
Let’s talk shit about him

Behind his back

Let’s laugh at his trouble

Let’s pray for his lack
Let’s only give some

Information to him

Let’s hold out the rest

So his rooms always dim
And then let’s just lie

And gaslight him again

As we clobber his sky

And brainwash his friend 
How to destroy an artist? 

It’s easy unless

He wakes up his strength 

And then need 

to confess. 

One Comment on “How To Destroy An Artist 

  1. I apologize if I overwhelmed with my post yesterday Jo. I feel bad, especially as you’ve said it was an already emotional day. The tears you let roll yesterday, sound like they were the cathartic kind though. It’s good to let ‘um go, let those toxins out. Anyway, maybe you decided not to read it. Going into my story like that, I realized later, it’s testament really, to how much your sharing, is helping me too. Even when I thought I’d already done all that. I guess living with narc abuse is the kind of thing, that ya need a tuneup every now then. And that’s something I won’t forget again. So thank you for that Jo. My goal these days, is to just live in the light. To receive the signs the good Lord is giving me. So here’s to learning how to do that. Here’s to following good energy. Finding our Joy. It’s time! Everything you’ve described, says it’s your time to leap forward and claim your authentic self. This must all be unfolding for you now, because you must be ready for it now. Keep trusting God on that. And when you need to, take any worry or fears to him. Comfort & guidance are always there when you need it. 🙏🏻


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