One More Point Before I put it to bed and go on leading the Eagle Scout life of a rocker. 

How are we to quantity “crazy” ( let’s just go ahead and slot in “on drugs” it’s the same dismissive brush stroke which is the enemy of people like me) 
When “crazy” is what performer is essentially there to do. It’s just which version of “crazy” are you paying for? 

I mean really consider what it is and what it does to a comedian to be dismissed this way. 
It’s like taking all the tools out of his tool shed. 

You don’t want them to think you’re “crazy” while saying things that are purposefully “crazy” to shock and make people laugh. 
I mean it’s like asking a lawyer not to lie. It’s just unfair. 
This I think is the conundrum in the complicated issue of Norm’s obsession. That’s really quite simple. Norm was never “crazy” not even a little bit. Ok maybe a little bit. 

He was simply a genius being a genius. It’s a very fine line indeed. 

And those of us who skirt closest to that line are the ones who are remembered, but also the ones who are attacked on their way thru. 
And this is how they attack us. By dismissing us as “crazy” or “on drugs” 
What’s ultimately very ironic about all this, is anyone who has been following me on social media can basically attest to and see that I’ve lived a life recently of the utmost care , nurturing and self respect. With the aim and direct intention of being an inspiration to others and to truly help in anyway I can. I’ve transformed myself physically and mentally and spiritually and now transparently live my core values. I can’t take the stands I’m taking with anything less. No way. You can’t stand up against Goliath while sneaking beers off to the side. Cmon. That ain’t how this works. 
I’ve spoken before on this blog of a spiritual war. 

I don’t think it’s in anyway “crazy” to think of this life that way. 

I mean look around you. 

I’m being dramatic?

Go ahead take another look around you. 

Im obviously standing for something. 

And I will continue to do that, in the face of everything. You could skin me alive and I’ll still stand right here smiling at you. 
Crazy? Maybe

But this would be the good kind of crazy 😜 

2 Comments on “One More Point Before I put it to bed and go on leading the Eagle Scout life of a rocker. 

  1. Beautifully, crazy. Don’t feed into it. You have fans here, “hi”, who care about you. Keep taking care of yourself. Continue to be better. Eliminate the poison that drags you down and be with the people who truly care and nurture you. For fuck sake, we are all bat shit crazy in our own ways. Yea, I’m on drugs and I’m high on life. Be well, Joe. Please come back to Virginia or DC soon. Didn’t get a chance to hang out after the show at Jammin Java and say hi. You were “crazy” that night. Hilarious in fact. Much love to you.


  2. When you walk a certain walk, they’re gonna call you crazy. This means you’re doing it right


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