I forgot To Say

My primary argument in favor of the sturdy and true emotional reaction are these. 

A ) saves time. No fucking around with grey Rock. It’s done. Let it be done.  You know who and what they are. You know that your very being makes them tremble with disgust. You know that it’s thru their pretzel logic that that means they want you around more and not less. A nice fuck you ends it clean. And you’ve said your truth to the appropriate person. And you can live with that now. In fact easily. 
B) I can’t remember what B was cause A droned in too long 

C) re read A 

One Comment on “I forgot To Say

  1. But it’s so hard, being done. Because in some scenarios it’s never done. And will never be done. I need a boost. A magical freakaozid boost and I don’t know where to get it…


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