Am Open To Being Pleasently Suprised 

Here’s how people like me get taken out. 
And why it matters to me deeply about the slanderous accusations The Music Box in Cleveland Ohio made to my manager. 
Norm McDonald is obsessed with this and for good reason. 

We all know he’s a genius of the highest order in the realm of comedy. He’s like Bob Dylan in a way. That highly regarded in his chosen profession. 
And you should do yourself a big favor and watch his amazing interview show available on YouTube. 
Where he frequently brings up the subject of when they label you “crazy” and how that has taken out so many, at the height of their powers. 
Chappelle being the alpha and omega here. 
And what’s great… is you can review the history of it and all the evidence is right there. 
The key piece is the controversial show he did one night in Texas at a little comedy club where he went on for eight hours. 
People walked out. They turned the lights on and off. But he just kept going. Until the fact that he kept going became like this over arching diamond of a genius level joke. So hysterically funny. 

And people left. And not only that but that show was used to further bury him. Even tho if you watch that show. And you should and you must. He’s a comedy genius unrivaled by anybody at the very height of his powers. 

His ease on stage. His way to turn anything on its head. Just a beautiful performer , performing beautifully just on the outskirts of convention. But he had the “crazy” hangover already. And thereby is the crux of what I think Mr. McDonald is driving at with this line of questioning. 

Basically Norm says that “the crazy label” more than anything else, just kills artists dead. He should know. How long was he ghettoized in crazy town? Has he ever escaped? I think/know he has but damn, he got cut off at the knees for years cause of that “crazy” stigma
But we need to protect unconventional artists(unless you prefer the absolute drone of mediocrity) from slanderous moves such as these which cut risk taking artists from doing their job and pushing the culture forward. 
Of course there is gonna be resistance. What I’m doing here is recognizing that resistance, analyzing its tactics, seeing its face and then destroying it thru exposure, where all creepy shadowy bullshit simply must die. 
My manger actually said to me

“They said he was acting strange”
Uh… I’m a performer. Putting on a show. How’s that strange? I guess I’m not acting like every other person there. But then every other person there wasn’t paid something to do something entertaining to and for the other people there. So in what context are we saying the behavior was in anyway unusual? Let’s break it down specifically because 

I was actually there and just before the show I meditated and did yoga after having a great meal with an old friend. Where no wine was imbibed. (And none has been consumed by me in many many months. ) so my recall of the events is pristine and I’d be happy to review with any and all management at the music box just what drugs they thought I was on. 
Oh just let it go Joe

It’s no big deal 

It’s just Ohio. 

Move on. 

Fuck that. 

This is how they kill people like me. And I ain’t gonna let them do that. 
I’m standing by for your apology Music Box. Ain’t expecting it. But am open to being pleasantly surprised. 

2 Comments on “Am Open To Being Pleasently Suprised 

  1. Jumping rope in the basement of a venue may seem like “strange” behavior to some, but it looks more like a pre-show warm up by a musical genius to anyone who knows you. Keep fighting the resistance and most of all, keep being you.


  2. I was right with you on your Norm subject. I too immediately thought of Chappellle even before your comment. For me in cases like this I meet remarks with acidic sarcasm that cuts deeply rather than a ‘fuck you.’ I may think it but the way I was raised and conditioned to always be a lady…Emily Post and the works. However in the last couple years and in my fight I have from time to time used language that would make you blush. I just have to be pushed to the point of no return.
    The small closed minds of these people in Ohio is something to be pitied and ridiculed in music circles. (personally you were probably so above and over their heads….they had to look up squirting)
    They think you were strange….sing them a verse of You’re so True. LOL


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