I Do Forgive 

I do forgive you guys. And appreciate you giving me this physical incarnation. I even still love you guys even tho you have shown me love’s opposite. My nature as empath is to love and the more truthful I am and the more toxic nonsense is elemnated the more loving I become. Kinda ironic I guess. It’s literally as tho because you’ve hitched your allegiance to the machinery of fear, you can’t handle love or truth. You can’t handle honesty. I forgive you already and will continue to forgive you no matter what you all scheme up. You won’t destroy my love. You could kill my body and everything else I have in this incarnation but you can never get to my love. I am protected utterly. And loved entirely by God. I am full. I wish you could celebrate that with me. I really do. You know the truth here. And so do I. 
I love you mom. I wish you Frank and Susan all the best. 


3 Comments on “I Do Forgive 

  1. Methinks forgiving is overrated.
    i used to think forgiveness was grand & laudable.
    Not anymore.
    It is of utmost importance that they drink the cup to the dregs.
    Without forgiveness!


    • Forgiveness is for you, though, not for them. to cut the albatross from around your neck, relieve you of the burden, not to let them off the hook.


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