To The Old Bullies 

To my ex parents.  

You dirty rodents need to get a storage space somewhere. And put all the art work I ever gave you. All of the paintings I gave you. They were given under a false premise and so therefore they are stolen. 

If you dirty fucks don’t do that and within a month. Watch what happens. 
I’m not fucking around with the bullies anymore. 

I’m the new fucking bully. 
Bow down you fucks. 
Oh and too everyone else

Good morning and namaste 🙏 
Ps. Let’s consider a retribution settlement. 

I’d say you dirty fucks need to put some money in my pocket. In the very least. I’d say 

Pps. Oh susan don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about you. You dirty creep. It’s coming. Have a great day. 

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