The Escape Goat 

The Escape Goat 
I used to be a scapegoat

But escaped before I ran

I fell into my eyes

Back into dreams and hope again

If you escaped from shattered rage

If you’ve come thru on your own

If you can pinpoint who you are

Beyond ancestor’s broken bone

Then you need not be a slave

To another persons pain

Or a trash can for their toxins

Or the black thing in their brain

A monster they unleash 

Or else it turns on all of them

Whatever sanity you keep

Will just bamboozle you again.  

I used to be escape goat

But that’s before I ran
And then I just kept running

And running here again

But now I feel like stopping

And I think I finally will

To master all this motion

With the Kung fu of the still. 

One Comment on “The Escape Goat 

  1. Been reading a few days of recent posts then started up from the bottom. Man. I needed this Joe. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been in and out of therapy for several years, been eaten alive by narcissistic love interests dangling before me (never fully reciprocated), and I still sometimes can’t tell up from down and have trouble setting boundaries.


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