80 West Through Ohio or The Day Dottie Died 

80 west 

80 west towards and then thru Ohio. 

I turned my day well around. 

Found my footing after triggering myself with this damn blog. You’re welcome. The things I do for you;) 
I just got my perspective right. Found a way to bypass my small self driving without endangering the lives of others. And I made it all the way thru Ohio. An electrical storm like I’ve never seen before punctuated statements from my new fave YouTube npd healer. Soul GPS. Check her out. 

All these moments of synchronicity, to over the top to ignore. 

Joe Dispenza talks about it. The universe will give you signs when you are transforming, that you are in fact in the right path. A juggler came up to me at one service area. Juggling these orange balls against a dark purple and blue sky. Right under a big red stop sign. 

He was talking about family traditions and how I should juggle at every rest stop. And as I thanked him, walking to my car, he said thank you back in such a way that made me stop in my tracks. It was an odd thank you, I hadn’t done anything that deserved thanks, not for him anyway, and he leaned into it, he didn’t say it under his breath or as a matter of course. He said after a pause and he said hard. It couldn’t have been more clear to me what he was thanking me for. Whether he knew it or not. 

At one point he said you should get some balls and take em in your car. But the thing was is I already had em in there. They’re good training for boxing. Specifically juggling. I mean what are the chances? And when the man approached me, I was facing the other way taking a snap. Plus he was a family man. This wasn’t a cruising scenario. Besides sex doesn’t happen for me anymore. Lol. 
Down the road after the juggler about fifteen minutes I saw the biggest and most vivid rainbow I’ve ever seen. And it was complete. 

Then driving by Akron, the electrical storm was intense. It was dark then. The sky still communicating with me. 

The sky was a symphony of electricity. Beautiful patterns flicked and poofed into a natural firework display. The timing of it seemed odd. I mean, it was going nuts as I drove by the exit I would used to go to the home I no longer have there. Could have been a coincidence but it felt like communication to me. It just felt that way and so I spoke back. But I’ll leave that between me and him. 
I had so many thoughts on the drive. Most of it, I kept silent. No radio. No podcasts. Didn’t get into the YouTube thing til late in the drive. 
A few things occurred to me. 

One being, and I think this is an interesting idea. with exposure of these soul criminals and with awareness of their tactics booming and booming again. The scene has changed. The power is veering in our favor and that train isn’t gonna stop in my opinion. 

And just as all things evolve, so then does this abuser/abused dynamic of the NPD universe. 

Here’s conventional wisdom

” you can’t beat them and there is no revenge”


” the best revenge is going no Contact and learning to thrive”
Yeah no that’s not gonna work for me. 
I’m there already. I mean, I’m at the baby stage of being there. The training wheels are still on, but for all intents and purposes, the last bit of this particular mountain to climb, is just the top scenic part mostly, where I get to scope out this amazing knew view and pat myself on the back for what great job recovering I did. And then go see how this new awesome self esteem combined with my new rad body does out there in the world, which will no doubt just open its legs wide open for me. 
That’s not what I want. 
That’s not in keeping with what just happened to me. 

And what has happened to so many of us. 

But I’m not fighting so much for the people checking out this blog, or the people populating YouTube and finding all this amazing information and healing as I have . I love all those people, and want to help them, and am of them. But the truth is, those people will probably be alright, if they’re already exploring this. And all the info is already out there. I can share my opinions but, outside of that, shits covered. 

My fight is for the me who didn’t make it. 

How many of them have there been?

How many are dying or dead right now. 
At this point the jig is up. I was explaining the toxic behavior of one of these rodents who worked for me for about three minutes. To two people recently, one of them laughed instant recognition as if to say, “got it” in a laugh, was understood, was validated. The conversation could keep moving in a flow. Suffice to say what I was describing was not vague toxic behavior. It was over the top. As I said one person let the conversation flow. No need to double back. The other person instead paused it all ” so you think he did that on purpose?” 


I just walked away. This person was full grown

And was like

” why would someone do something like that”
I just said 

I don’t know you’re a full grown human

And you mean to tell me you’re gonna sit there and act like you don’t know about this dynamic that occurs in humanity. 

But of course they knew, this was them, attempting to stress me, it was obvious. Too obvious. Stupidly that way. 

I can see this shit now so much better. You can basically pin it down to stress. If someone is stressing you out, somewhat consistently, they are doing it in purpose. Plain and simple. 
Which brings me to the point I’m trying to make which is 

The dynamics here are evolving very rapidly. And with evolving dynamics comes the destruction of conventional wisdom and the opening of new conventions. 

Before awareness of this disorder went wide

The conventional wisdom of

Pick up your broken toys. (The ones they didn’t steal) let yourself heal. Move on and get on with your life, there is basically no retribution for the crimes ( and by crimes I mean, rape, attempted murder, larceny, brain washing/mind control etc. serious crimes) and yet, even tho we, as a very massive community of experts and doctors and shaman and high level professionals across many different walks of life. Even tho we’ve outlined and analyzed ad infinitude the myriad of ways these crimes are committed, we have no legal recourse? Really? I don’t believe that. This is the modern world. 

If we all get bold and name names. Stop being as careful as we’ve been. I think we’ve been careful to a fault. I think their fear is still very much controlling the tone and rules of the game. And just there…. the concept of a game. 

That’s another thing we hear a lot. 
I’ve said it myself a shit ton, and that’s this….

You’ve heard it before. 

” it’s like we were playing a game I didn’t know we were even playjng until it was too late. ”

But is it too late?

And who says when the game ends?

And why should I end it right when I learn the rules? 

I don’t know about you, but I like winning games. 

I’m not gonna lose this one. Who you talking too. 


I’m gonna lean into the game, now that I know that’s what we were doing. 

Now that I know the rules. Let’s do this. I’m a sport. I like a good round as they say. 

Now don’t get me wrong. 

I’m not suggesting you ever speak or look or give a fuck about the narc ever again. I strongly advise no contact. 

They are pond scum and shouldn’t be given another thought. I agree with all that

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still win the game 

And for me, I don’t need to spend any extra time on the psychopath, in order to easily bring her all the way to her knees and make her regret ever putting my name in her mouth. 

Now that I know the game and the rules

I can obliterate this mental pimple with as much ease as having a coffee while taking a morning dump after a night watching Netflix and eating prunes and dates. 
One is name her. I did that. Not gonna do that here cause, it would stink up this page and I like this page clean. In fact for now on let’s refer to her as Dottie 

So I don’t have to be near the stink of her actual name. 
But yeah

Let’s all come out of the shadows. Let’s name our abusers

And let’s not be afraid to name ourselves. And own what they did to us. No shame. Especially since, Dottie is gonna wind up in a cell. Watch. 
Here’s an idea 💡 

Now we’ve moved the goal posts and we are exposing these vampires

We should create networks which ban together
What do we know about these predators?

We know they’re always on the make 

We know they’ve left behind a trail so long it would stagger us and boggle our minds. 
I’m gonna relapse right now for clarity

And revert back to Dotties real name 
What if I started posting all over the place
” looking for other victims of Quinn Falconer. Interested in pursuing criminal charges. There is strength in numbers. I know at least One of you was institutionalized. I nearly died and should have been institutionalized. I’m sure there are many of you and if we combined evidence and resources, we could easily put her behind bars where she belongs. And protect future victims of this dangerous thug” 
See how easy that is?

I’m not bogged down

I’m not obsessed

I’m still focused on my hopes and dreams and my tour

My life is all the way on track

That’s just a text and it’s therapeutic to boot

And yet it has the real potential to lock up a criminal and also prevent that criminal from harming others as easily. 
Now imagine if that became a matter of course for victims of this

So it wasn’t strange at all

And so the court systems got used to cases like these

The tactics became second hand in court and easy to prove. 

And the understanding of how criminal this behavior actually is became common knowledge. 

It’s where we are heading, I’d just like to get there soon. I wanna see Dottie locked up. Not for me so much. I’m fine. I got away and my life is way better for it all honestly. But I’m made out of stronger stuff than most. And if I almost died, and these predators only get worse, and I know what and who she is. Then I bare a moral responsibility to stop her. 

I’m not gonna go “taxi driver” as I said I felt like doing when triggered. That’s a feeling and it’s good to express

But stupid as fuck to do. I got a great llife, ain’t gonna throw it away for a piece of shit. 

But I’d pursue legal recourse partnered up with some of her other victims. She couldn’t fight multiples. 

None of them could

And yet we know they all have many victims. 


Is there something I’m missing? 
We would see a real change and shift in power that was I think very big
Because as it is

I think narcs actually like this new dynamic of awareness 

It makes the game more challenging for them, a bit, but they’re too clever at manipulating to really be thwarted at all. They have work arounds and all this awareness really just gives them new and sick ways to deceive. 
I think we will see real change when there are real consequences which are dealt to the narcs by the legal system. That’s when we will see them rattled. 

One Comment on “80 West Through Ohio or The Day Dottie Died 

  1. It’s a beautiful morning to wake up to your continued transformation. Just when you were doubting God, even daring God, you were open to His signs all around you. They are always there; you just need to be open to them. God it always present, sometimes quietly; sometimes with a roar. But He is always there to guide you, especially when you need Him the most. Whether you believe in God, or any other spiritualistic energy of the Universe doesn’t matter. Just that you feel and recognize the energy some of us refer to God.
    Peace and serenity,


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