This Was Supposed To Be About Frankenstein 

Frankenstein and the programing that you weren’t lovable 
Just trying to cope

Like Igor who had the Absess that was mistaken as a hump. 
Ignored. What did you do about it? 
Adopt a False person to appease. Like Igor pretending to be a humpback circus freak. 

Their entire existence could be described as a bad commercial for the secret. 

“Dear god man you’ve lost your mind ! What ever could you mean? I mean explain yourself at once!!”
Ok allow me to do just that. 
I’ll try and break it down in rapid fire bullet points see if they can’t hit the skull of this condition. Know what I’m sayjng?

Your mind was largely made by lunatics and worse than that. Goons. Not even terribly attractive or intelligent goons. In other words your mind and most of the thoughts in it is pieced together by scotch tape crashing bottles elmers glue a smacked face duct tape total disregard candle wax and papa smurf doing weird things. With information blended in which sometimes manages to sneak into all that hi jinx and give you a decent thought now and again. But mostly it’s just nuts and bolts and whole lot of toxic shame cross dressing at the nuclear party at the end of the world. 

“Well that’s just shit!” I hear you say

Precisely my boy per – dice -Lee 

Your mind is a shit box. And worse yet filled with the shit of strangers. Who at this point, your own family have shown they essentially are. Or worse. When’s the last time strangers came gunning for you? But I digress. 

Your mind is a shit show. I bet your so bored of its mediocre ramblings that you’d give just about anything to turn that shit off. 

Which is where the secret comes in or more precisely the excellent work of manifestation maestros like dr joe dispenza and Robert Lanza combined with and in line with Buddhism and its intelligence regarding the power of meditation and basic ways in which it operates and functions. Demystifying it for you and giving clear pathways from your shitbox mind into the deeper realms where not only is manifestion possible but probable as well. A sea change in perception. 

And who brought all this on? All this investigation? They did. 

You would happily or not so happily gone status quo don’t upset the apple cart too much to still be able to hang onto this false reality with the narc. When you go no contact it becomes clear how and why this has been so damaging to your ability to get passed a certain point. You framed your entire reality on a core lie or a group of them. You then went off into the world and didn’t quite fit in or get it somehow. You play acted like you did and since many others were doing the same it wasn’t impossible to blend except for sometimes. In certain situations (remember all those painful times. Remember from where you’ve come) 

Your map of reality was so fucked and peculiar. You could really only operate in the vortex of toxicity. That’s not to say that within that there weren’t good times and even enlightened ones. It’s just to say that it was never really authentically that way. Not fully anyhow. And that was good enough for you. It already far outweighed anything you ever saw for yourself. Who could ask for anything more? The commercial goes and it’s echoing your programming which just says don’t you ask for anything more. 

But now you see this for what it is. And not only now are you bored by the thoughts in your mind you understand that the ones rooted in fear and shame aren’t your own but the shit of strangers. So you’ve no interest in protecting them under the construct called you. They no longer are you. They are the sickness to cleanse. You no longer identify yourself with them. You do so now with your higher mind. The no mind. The big peace that’s been with you forever. The eternal unchanging from before birth to after death mind. That’s who you become. 

“So how’s that like a commercial for the secret”??

Well because from your new perspective manifestation happens naturally and easily. Your not working against yourself and it becomes painfully obvious whenever you lapse and so you lapse less and less until you hardly lapse at all. You’re a fighter now. A warrior. A champion. You no longer have or allow the shit of strangers to get in the way. 

They’re a bad commercial for the secret. Turn the channel on your consciousness. Or better yet just turn the tv off and let yourself be. 

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