Foundations Of Personality 

You feel sorry for them. And even pause back into that from time to time. Especially when you get into living free from their toxicity and you start experiencing what clear consciousness and awareness feels like. Manifesting your dreams and potential is natural and it’s really all that starts to interest you. When you’re with others. You recognize opportunities to give and tho you were empthathetic before so this aspect isn’t new. However now that you have eliminated most toxic nonsense. Your gifts come without strings. You don’t exude much toxicity at all as you have eliminated that energy and you realize just how truly it had nothing to do with you. As your awareness grows. You also come to understand how even the slightest amount of toxic nonsense really thwarts your progress. You think back to when you had possibly 6/7 or more toxic people in your life to some degree or other. And how your mind was always in a state of turmoil. Thru research you now understand that that was quite by design and you no longer have anywhere near that noise in your head. And you have to remind yourself of just why you stay away. In a nut shell. Toxic people prevent (and aim to prevent you ) from ever experiencing yourself. And since you’ve never met that part of yourself. Your convinced that the set of voices, confusion and emotional outbursts define your personality. But what they define (at least in my case was) a perfectly healthy person under a barrage of covert emotional violence that had a wide range and a long history. 

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