Rumble Fish 

Royalty in exile, 

The saint that time forgot. 

Looking for his soul mate,

From here to Salem’s lot. 

His lovers come in shadows. 

His friends have gone away. 

He only breaks his silence,

So silence knows,

 where it can stay. 

His life is made from fighting. He has won most everyone. 

A liar once knocked him down,

But then he rose just like the sun. 

He haunted every thief,

Who ever stole from him. 

And in the end he found revenge,

Upon their darkness growing dim. 

Royalty in exile, but he 

Won’t stay lost for long. 

Redemption comes in waves, and 

Soon the pack will sing along. 

And the prince will know the score. 

And the king may not forgive. For 

When you swipe at one like him, 

you hit the light that lets you live. 

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