Is probably worried I’ll expose her. 

That is the narc’s (or in her case psychopath’s) greatest fear. 

Don’t worry Quinn, I doubt I would have the courage to be that bold, right? Oops I just said your real first name but don’t worry! I probably won’t say your last name. Besides I’m bird watching and I see a glorious falcon in the sky. I wonder if there is a FALCONER near by? 

Don’t worry QUINN, I probably won’t say your last name. The FALCONER is asking me what time it is now? Wonder why he wants to know? Strange that. Anywho 

As I was saying Quinn, even tho I should probably expose you as you did attempt to kill me and all. I mean, no doubt you are pulling the same shit all over the place. I probably won’t be bold enough to say your last name. Here comes this FALCONER again asking me about the damn time! What’s up with that?!? Sorry for the interruption. What was I saying. Oh yeah, talking about your attempt to murder me. 

We both know, knowing what I know now, that I could easily prove that, even in court. I mean your wild embedded text messages alone could bury you. I have volumes of them. I mean I will break a few them down in future blog posts to help other victims who are under this form of beyond twisted assault. But don’t fear too much 

QUINN, I doubt I will be bold enough. This 

FALCONER keeps interrupting me. Gotta go. 

One Comment on “Q

  1. Funny, as soon as I met my narc ex friend,
    Even though I had no idea he was a narc until post-discard), I started screen capping every text messsge he sent me. Not with bad or shady intentions, just based on a hunch I had. A “just in case.” I’ve never done that with anyone before. And look what happened. Some hunch! Now, if it ever came down to it and he started smearing my name at work or something, I’d have proof of his emotional abuse. As much as it pains to me hold on to any reminders of our friendship, because I want to get rid of him from my life completely, I have them saved. Because with these kinds of people, you just never know, and first and foremost, you need to protect yourself.


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