The Predator Kind 

People can’t give what they don’t havePeople can’t give what they can’t give themselves. This is why there is nothing at all selfish about you giving yourself all the space and time you need to heal and to recover. 
Because, on the other side of that you will give so much to so many. 
So you see it is the opposite of selfish or “narcissistic” to cultivate self love. 
This is the worst word flaw in the otherwise insanely flawed word system (clearly devised by a narc covert op☎️) of the NPD universe. 
The main term. The worst culprit in a roomful of snakes. 
ewww how it makes my skin crawl 

This word and how it’s destroyed so many just from its slippery nature alone. 
Oh and how easy is it for the narcs to use, in their mission to destroy. 
In one word


A perfect storm of confusion
In one word

Billions of lives forever wrecked 
In one word

All those like us, before us, slaughtered mercilessly in its shadow
The word I hate the most
It means WAY too many things. 

Or at least ‘Narcissism’ does. 

It practically means everything. 
Imagine a world where there were no hours or minutes on a clock. But just some day clock that only counted days ( go with me here)

And you wanted to meet somebody somewhere at a specific time. You’d have no better way of communicating that than saying. 

I’ll see you there today!


I’ll see there three days from now! 
And then to connect you’d have to just wait all day until you both showed up. 
(In this fantasy world, I guess there would be no cell phones either)
Point I’m trying to make,  with an analogy so terrible I had to leave it in because some fails are more fun than wins, and you have to give it an A for effort. 
But the point I’m trying to make is that, 

That word is like trying to tell time without hours or minutes. There’s nothing near specific enough to help in any way victims see thru the murk of their slippery and beyond fucked up condition. Quite the contrary, 

Many aspects of so called “narcissists”

(Speaking in terms of the dictionary definition now ) are quite positive when expressed healthfully, and are also , when expressed healthfully, the very same aspects of a personality that narcs zero in on to destroy. 

(Hmmm can’t see how that could get confusing, when dealing with a condition that operates EXACTLY within the structures of confusion that word houses.) 

Couple that with the fact that many victims of this are artist types / empaths

Who often also stand out and display unhealthy signs of narcissism as I surely have when under the spell of its abuse. 
You can see how keeping the main term of this condition so vague, 

How dangerous that is to a victim just waking up. Right? 

Under smear campaigns 

Under paranoia 


Betrayed to the core

Toxic shame oozing from every pore

The blame shift game

A villain knocking on his bedroom door 
You can see how that word would then confuse him all the more 
Let’s free the word ‘narcissism’ to just go and let it be the vague sometimes good sometimes bad term it was born to be. Let’s allow it to let its freak flag fly, hell, after that I probably won’t even hate it anymore. Might even get a late in life crush on it.

 And let’s rename this disorder full stop. 

The Predator Kind. 

3 Comments on “The Predator Kind 

  1. Be brave, be strong. We’re survivors.
    I was almost defeated by a toxic presence, no contact is key.
    He put me so low, without him, I’m soaring like a phoenix.
    I’m training at the gym every day, people ask me what I’m training for?

    Stay safe and strong, Smokin Joe x

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  2. Thanks Joe. I ran into your blog from Instagram a couple days ago and connected dots that I’ve been under a narcissist’s hold my whole life. It’s been fitting together lately my mother is one. Reading your blog has been really cathartic and I’m going to get help to break this and come out better. Life has sucked but will get better.

    Can’t thank you enough. Big fan of yours. Stay beautiful.

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  3. Joe, your words not only teach and inspire us, but they give us a keen insight into the world of the predator kind and it’s victims. Thanks for having the guts to share and helping everyone who reads this, especially those who don’t understand and may not have been on either side of the predation, but have seen it’s cruel end result. You are an amazing human being and make me want to cry and get up and cheer at the same time. Oh by the way, Abercrombie & Fitch called and said you should cut back on the training because you’re making their models look bad. Keep that upper cut ready.

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