Never mind That I’ve Been Stained 

Speaking of your homicide, with a stranger at the bar. 

Throwing candied eggs, out of a stolen windows car. 

Blooming on regret, as if I was some huge star. 

As I identify with bugs, under magnifying scars. 

Becoming broken wings, as we fall again thru skies. 

As the king of this new world, breaks his glance with bloodshot eyes. 

Missing you again, as cacophonies of rage,

Fumble thru my teeth, like foggy words without a page. 

Let’s flip them back and forth, let’s see if the message plays. 

You threaten disappearance, but it’s you who always stays. 

In the shattered shadows glory, as he trumpets the new age. He says, 

“Listen to me dance, my eyes are sparkle brown and sage.

Forgotten in the wind, your knife, it cuts my honey dew. 

I used to want to die, but then I used to think like you. 

I wish that we weren’t forfeited, I wish salvation reigned. 

But I’ve survived thru ancient murder,  never mind that I’ve been stained.” 

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