I just finally got brave enough to read comments and all I can say is I’m moved beyond words. When raised in an environment such as I was, there is a deep program to keep the secrets of your abusers. For me to over ride that felt totally insane,  and I didn’t know if I would just be hated for exposing myself this way, so that explains why it took til now for me to even peak at the comments. I tried to approve them all (didn’t even know that was a thing until now.) Also I tried to comment back to as many as I could. If I didn’t comment back it’s no reflection on the comment, just that I’m about to play a show in Boston and need to focus on some other stuff right now, but 

THANK YOU ALL. if you are going thru this. You know that the narcs invalidate like crazy,  basically the entirety of your being. This is totally the case with my family and it recently got SO MUCH WORSE. as I wrote about in the Snakeskin Grand Finale. Which led to the radical extreme of my current situation. No Contact (almost I recently emailed my mother. Full disclosure) Anyway I really just wanted to say. These initial comments mean more to me than winning a Grammy and I thank each of you who shared your love, support and story. I will continue to be brave and heal and recover and share what I can to help. All my love and namaste. 
And truly

Thank you. 

Joe Smoke 

6 Comments on “Wow

  1. with each new post i can sense a bit of your pain lifting. it took a lot of guts to expose yourself in such a raw way. it is very inspiring! you inspire through your music, your lyrics and your open heart. keep working toward inner healing. you deserve it!


    • Well said Jennifer. As I read each post I sense him getting stronger. As hard as this journey must be for Joe I so admire his commitment to it and his willingness to share it with all of us. You probably feel as I do that Joe is amazing and to think of what he has created musically while going through this makes me think he may be stronger and more brilliant than most. He does deserve all the greatness that lies ahead for him.

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  2. We love you, Joseph. I was worried about you for a while there. I also sense that your boxing and working out so hard are a way to cope with what has happened and what IS happening. Sometimes you have to leave behind that which hurts you and move away to a safe place, I’ve not had problems as deep as yours. I’ve had issues with family but just cut it off and never gave it a second thought. That was my way of dealing with it. (So far, who knows how things will go in the future.) I’m down further right now than I have been for about 30 years but I still have a bit of hope that my own problems will work out. Thankfully, music helps me take a day at a time. Keep your chin high and do what YOU need to do for you!!!

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  3. I’m so sorry to read what you’ve been & are still going through, but I really admire the way you open up and find the words in order to help others. As a huge fan and admirer I just wanted to say that your artistic output never seemed to suffer from any blows to your self esteem, you’ve only ever created amazing art and music.
    While nowhere near comparable to (or as severe as) the issues you are dealing with, I still wanted to share with you that at a time when I didn’t feel great about my own accomplishments and abilities, your song ‘You’ve been loved’ kept me grounded and made me focus on the positive truths in my life, it pulled me out of that sombre phase.
    Hope you feel better and better. Keep being you, you’re a gift to the world.

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  4. You’re incredibly brave.
    Your soul is healing and you’re helping other’s souls healing.
    I find you so inspirational, a true force of nature.
    Keep on following your primordial survival instinct, and be happy.
    Sending you all my love,
    an energy that goes across the ocean to reach you.

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