Don’t kick the Glimmer or Bionic Mindgames. 

Writing prompts. 
Writing with the fights. 
The characters. 
Narcs want to break that trust you have. They want your faith on their wall. 
Bionic mind games. 

The reason reporting in this subject is tough for the uninformed is that there is no real physical evidence (at least none until you know where to look) 

It’s more akin to malware delivered by people you thought you could trust and sometimes ones you knew you couldn’t. In other words it’s mind games. But these mind games are of the Steve Austin variety. These are bionic mind games hinged on an eroding of your boundaries. 
When I woke up to the condition, it was when I began watching videos about what healthy boundaries were which led to the breakdown. (If you weren’t raised to have them, then you won’t until you change at a deep level, which unfortunately usually requires a breakdown of your life. This explains how this many years into my life, it was really only recently that this subject even drew my interest. This is not uncommon. I had assumed I was basically strong. I knew I had issues but they were easy enough to minimize and I had enough healthy habits to make it thru. That is until I didn’t. ) 
And as I began meekly establishing boundaries…. let’s just say the reactions were very revealing. 

At this point I was schooled on what was happening so I didn’t cave on my baby boundaries. I let them stay and worked on growing them up. The reactions became increasingly dramatic until explosion. Simply by establishing boundaries. 
When you wake up, it’s the healthy boundaries you set which became like nightlights in otherwise pitch black rooms. You can decide from there if you feel like turning the lights all the way on or just kicking that glimmer out of the wall. 

3 Comments on “Don’t kick the Glimmer or Bionic Mindgames. 

  1. You are telling my story. It makes me feel exposed and raw and weak and strong and hopeful and everything all at once.

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  2. Do you find that you made excuses for the bad behavior of others? Allowed them to blame you for their abuse of you because it was easier than the fallout that would ensue if you stood up for yourself?

    Do you hope that certain “loved ones” will be abducted by aliens who will treat them really well, but never return them to earth? Or maybe the aliens will abduct me, because probes. 😏 (I try to have a sense of humor about my life.)

    Guided meditation helps, and yoga, and walking. Lots and lots of walking. Ultra-marathons are my equivalent of your boxing. And I have a wonderful son. Though I’ve tried to protect him, I see the impact my toxic family (and recent romantic relationship) has on him. I have to be mindful not to continue the cycle. I look forward to the day when I can be at peace, to the day when I can just be. I wish for myself, for you, and all the others, a quiet soul. ❤️


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