Me, Wilson and Dr. Joe 

I feel like Tom Hanks in cast away, right when he decides to push off his island with his raft made of coconut shells and scraps from the jungle, with his volleyball bff ‘Wilson’ after just clearing the big wave which sets him adrift. 

I think we all decide to stay in the safety of our isolation to some degree or another. 

And there are of course as many different versions of that reality as there are people. You can expose or give much of yourself while still avoiding what mainly you must give. The thing that really scares you. 
I can’t stress enough how beneficial Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work is. The latest book is called You Are The Placebo and it really breaks down in scientific terms how transformation in humans actually occurs. So it serves to demystify meditation which I think is really helpful. Consider your stem cells which are like the blank canvas of cells, which , if you can get past your ego , or the Beta and Alpha and into the Theta (which isn’t as supernatural an accomplishment as I had previously thought and with practice it not only gets easier it gets really fun) 

but just to paint how it’s possible to even change your body with your mind, consider stem cells. I think I heard Dr. Bruce Lipton compare them to a get out of jail free card. (Another great mind in this area of manifesting a freer more transparent more open and giving and receiving reality. Doc Bruce. )But anyway stem cells are essentially blank slates waiting to receive the message of what they’re going to become from you. And your thoughts. If you think of yourself as old and worn out. And you repeat that to yourself and others. Well you are then telling all those stem cells that they are old and tired. If you can make meditation a big part of your day and or practice and then imagine your ideal world and physical self. It won’t just be magical thinking happening but you will be actually imprinting a new reality into your new cells which are always replacing old ones. Anyway that’s a laymen explanation but for me knowing the science behind it makes the practice of it more powerful because I understand even from my most pragmatic self why this type of work is well worth doing. 
Dr Joe talks about how he discovered this realm and obsessive passion for transformation and always finishes the story with “my message is why wait?”

And I find it extremely endearing and smile and then proceed to have my imaginary debate with the saintly Doc Joe. 

 the debate goes like this…

first you need to know how dr Joe discovered this.
 He got hit by a truck. While 
training or competing in a triathlon. He broke six or more vertebrae and was told he would be unable to walk again. 

He discovered this method of reprogramming his mind and changing his body. Changing himself on fundamental levels and essentially becoming someone else. He documented and studied the science behind it to liberate it from the new age ghetto. And he became a more authentic version of himself born out of his core values and ideals. 

He did the “impossible ” and healed himself completely. His book is full of others who have done the same. All of which have reached a point where the circumstances of their situation got so dire that to trade in the normally impossibly seductive material plane for the more remote and at first daunting isolation of the spiritual plane became something they were willing and needing to do in order to survive. Dr Joe. (Who is basically my hero at this point, along with Muhammad Ali and Jaco) always and I mean always says in interviews. ‘My message is why wait?’ And then that’s when I say “come on now Dr. Joe , who else is gonna allow themselves to die and be reborn to themselves other than people who have no other choice? He still has never commented back. But Wilson agrees with me. 

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